I’m new to yoga, can I Participate?

Yoga is a practice, not a performance.

I’m not very flexible, can I Participate?

Sure thing!
This is a celebration, not a competition.

I don’t know all the poses, is this a problem?

Not a problem in the slightest.

Come and practice however you feel comfortable, and only do the poses that you want to do.

If you want guidance during your session, we’ll have an instructor on hand.
(JJ also completed a teacher training at Studio 34, so he can talk you through some poses too.)

My child is interested, is there an age requirement?

Parental permission and supervision is required, but there is no age limit and we welcome minors (and seniors) to participate.

Where are the images going?

You’ll have access to all the images for your own personal use.
Some of them may be featured on this website, and maybe JJ's main site (jjtiziou.net).
We'll also share a selection of them on jj's instagram feed with the hashtag #TheImageOfYoga
Our sponsor Gaiam will also feature a selection of the images in a section of their site dedicated to promoting the project, and share them via their social media. 

What should I expect if I’m selected?

On August 10th, we’ll reach out to participants to assign time slots for the sessions that will happen on August 19, 20, 21. We'll send along more info on the logistical details at that time. 

If selected to participate in this round, you’ll be photographed solo (or with a partner if you're practicing partner yoga) for about 10 minutes. The photo sessions will happen in Drexel University's Mandell Theater at 33rd & Chestnut. 

Most important thing to remember: this is NOT a performance. This is simply an opportunity for you to share your practice with us. So there's no wrong way to do it. 

Who all else would you like to see be part of this?

We had a beautiful and diverse group of participants last year, but some of the demographic categories that were underrepresented were men, youth, elders, and people with disabilities. 

(If you're up to it, you can watch every single frame from last year here to get a sense of what it looked like and who might be missing. If you know someone who'd enjoy participating, send them to the sign-up form!)

I have another question!

Contact us via email at studio@jjtiziou.net